Hello World.

Want to introduce yourself? Let us know what you do, how you came across spoken word poetry, across Melbourne Spoken Word, where you often go to gig etc.
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Hello World.

Post by TimHamilton » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:16 pm

Hello dear readers, my name, as my username would suggest, is Tim Hamilton.

I discovered spoken word largely via Henry Rollins' reading of "I Think I Know You" and as a fortuitous tag along at a friend's 21st birthday party in 199*mumblemumble* which lead to attending my first spoken word gig at a goth nightclub. Richard Watts was running a poetry gig at Apocalypse, a monthly goth night at what is now the Hi-Fi Bar (sorry, can't remember what it was called back then).

I was immediately hooked, and started showing up regularly at the Dan and the Arthouse for several years. The rest is wild conjec-... um, history.

I was originally a big fan of Beat poetry, having started reading Allen Ginsburg, but have since broadened my tastes, still a big fan of modernist/imagist poetry though.

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Re: Hello World.

Post by benjaminsolah » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:49 pm

Hey welcome Tim, we have crossed paths a few times, and really wanted to make your feature at Owl & Cat.

Welcome to the forum. Hopefully, it gets a bit more active in the coming months. And thanks for the Patreon pledge!
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Benjamin Solah is a spoken word artist, poet, writer and political activist, raised in the western suburbs of Sydney, now based in Melbourne. His performance style ranges from passionate denunciations of the system we live in to absurdist stream-of-consciousness on topics from politicians, to video games and football. His work has appeared on stages, pages, screens, through megaphones, in wrestling rings, including many regular poetry events such as Passionate Tongues and The Dan O'Connell, Cordite Poetry, Overland, the NGV and White Night Melbourne. He is the author of broken bodies, a poetic chapbook on the theme of asylum seekers, and two spoken EPs, Duel Power with Santo Cazzati and The World Doesn't Make Sense.

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