Techniques for improving spoken word

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Techniques for improving spoken word

Post by benjaminsolah » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:10 pm

Let's try this again.

What's a tip, a technique, a critical tool of craft that's helped you really make your spoken word shine? Like once we've gone past sharing our work for the first few times, once we want to make a go of doing something different, or want to make a piece stand out, what do we have to look at?

Show not tell is an obvious one. It can be the difference between just telling us how you feel, like an expository statement of fact or feeling, and moving toward using images or anecdote or wordplay to to add craft to it. What about what you're trying to say can be said only as a poem rather than an article of Facebook status update?
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Benjamin Solah is a spoken word artist, poet, writer and political activist, raised in the western suburbs of Sydney, now based in Melbourne. His performance style ranges from passionate denunciations of the system we live in to absurdist stream-of-consciousness on topics from politicians, to video games and football. His work has appeared on stages, pages, screens, through megaphones, in wrestling rings, including many regular poetry events such as Passionate Tongues and The Dan O'Connell, Cordite Poetry, Overland, the NGV and White Night Melbourne. He is the author of broken bodies, a poetic chapbook on the theme of asylum seekers, and two spoken EPs, Duel Power with Santo Cazzati and The World Doesn't Make Sense. | Official Facebook Page | Twitter: @benjaminsolah

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Re: Techniques for improving spoken word

Post by komninos » Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:13 pm

just remember you are there for the audience, they are not there for you.
don't waste the audiences time, script your intros if you tend to ramble on before a poem.
don't be frightened of the microphone, it amplifies fear too.
have fun.

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Re: Techniques for improving spoken word

Post by TimT » Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:30 pm

DON'T TRUST TECHNOLOGY! The simpler the better. Really a voice should be enough to fill a crowded room. If you are going to make it high tech and have a show, plan and plan and plan again and rehearse if necessary to make sure when the fuck-ups might happen - and if fuck-ups do fuck-up in unexpected places.... expect it! Even if you have a joke or something to disarm the audience - technology is never your friend!

Or maybe I'm just paranoid. ;)

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